Nightmare Before Christmas
Baby Shower Games and Printables

Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my top favorite movies! Ever! Which of course makes my Nightmare Before Christmas Baby Shower Games Themes and Printables page one of my most favorite to write! With Halloween and Christmas both in this theme you can go so many different ways and have tons of fun!! 

Paper Willow Designs - Nightmare Before Christmas Baby Shower Games!

What's This? What's This? 

There's a Baby on the Way! 

Our Nightmare Before Christmas baby shower games and party printable's are perfect for spreading the magic of this theme! 

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Nightmare Before Christmas
Baby Shower Games

The Great Pumpkin King!

After all this theme is part Halloween? 


Nightmare Before Christmas-Baby Shower Game-The Great Pumpkin King!

Objective: Decorate pumpkins! 

Items Needed: You will need a small to medium pumpkin for each guest. Paint, Paint brushes, stickers, markers, felt etc. 

Game Play: Guests must decorate their pumpkin in any style. Once done the Mother-to-Be gets to decide who's pumpkin is the best decorated! 

Where's Oogie Boogie? 

He disappeared and is no where to be found!  


Objective: Discover where Oogie Boogie and all his little bugs are hiding!

Items Needed: You will need a small doll/ figure of Oogie Boogie. We found this cute Oogie Boogie over on Amazon! Along with a few bags of plastic insects that may be found at your local retail store. 

Game Play: Before guests arrive hide the doll and bugs in the party area. Some can be out in the open others could be hidden behind pillows, there are lots of possibilities. As your guest arrive let them know that you are looking for Oogie Boogie that he is hiding somewhere in the party area and his little critters are escaping and hiding too! 

*With this game there can be more than one winner. The first being the person to find Oogie Boogie himself. The second could be the person who collects the most bugs. 

**Another great way to play would be to have the kids that attend the baby shower find the bugs and the adults find Oogie Boogie. 

It's Christmas! 

Present Time! Present Time!  


Nightmare Before Christmas-Baby Shower Game-It's Christmas!

Objective: Guests get a present too! We found these fun Nightmare Before Christmas Million Dollar Bills and were super excited! As a stand alone they would make great party favors for this theme, but to include them in a game sounded even more fun! So we created it's Christmas Time! 

Items Needed: 

  • Nightmare Before Christmas Million Dollar Bills, if you would like to keep costs down you could always use play money purchased at your local retail store or even create your own with paper and pen. Making "Dud' dollars. 
  • Envelopes,the same amount of envelopes as bills you will be using, plus at least one extra for the prize envelope(s). More if going to have multiple winners/prizes. 
  • One Big Prize. Whether it is a gift certificate/card, a piece of paper or one of the Million Dollar Bills with "prize" written on it in  a noticeable place to be redeemed for one of the game prizes at the party or maybe even real money. What ever it is needs to be flat and not a noticeable difference from the money that is placed in the envelope from the outside. 
  • Number the envelopes 1-50 (or for the amount of game envelopes you have created) in the top right hand corner.
  • Red (or some other bright color) maker. 

Game Play: Game play is fairly simple, and a fun twist on the traditional dirty santa. Before guests arrive place in each envelope one Million Dollar except for the envelopes that will hold prizes. Place the prizes in those envelopes or whatever you have decided to use to distinguish them from the rest. Seal the envelopes. A damp sponge words great to help with this task!

Have someone that is not playing walk around the room with the envelopes letting each guest pick just one envelope. Once everyone has their envelope in hand you will ask the person holding envelope number 1 if they would like to keep their envelope or exchange it for an envelope that another player is holding.

If they choose to exchange their envelope the person that has their envelope taken then gets to choose between keeping the new envelope or choosing to pass their envelope on and take someone else's. If they choose to keep it then mark their envelope with a red mark and move on to player 2, if they choose to exchange it then the envelope that they take would be marked with the red to show they have already went. The person that they choose to exchange with would then get a choice. If they keep the envelope then it would get marked with red and you would go to the next number from where you left off if that person has had a chance already move to the next number. You would continue like this until everyone has ONE chance to exchange their envelope. After everyone has had their chance and all exchanges made players are then allowed to open their envelope to see who has won! 

Who wore it better? 

Are you costum-ized? 


Objective: Guess who!

Items Needed: Prizes for the winners. You may choose to have only one winner for best costume that the Momma-to-be gets to choose or break it down into categories and have Best Costume, Funniest Costume, or even Most Popular and let guests cast their vote! 

Game Play: Have guests dress up in their favorite costumes and let the Momma-to-be choose who she thinks wore it better! 

Nightmare Before Christmas
Baby Shower Printable Games

Want to keep the laughter coming?! Check out our latest Nightmare Before Christmas Baby Shower games!  

Nightmare Before Christmas
Baby Shower Game set 01

Game set 01 includes the following games:

  • Baby Shower Bingo
  • Celebrity Baby Match Up!
  • Baby Animals
  • Wishes for Baby 
  • What's in your Purse?

Nightmare Before Christmas
Baby Shower Game set 02!

Game set 02 includes the following games:

  • Around the World
  • Nursery Rhyme Fill-In
  • Predictions for Baby
  • Baby Name Race
  • Price is Right! 

Printable baby shower games measure 5x7 and come 2 per 8.5x11 inch page. Making it easy to print at home or a local copy and print store!

Check out our other matching printable's for the Nightmare Before Christmas theme here! Or by following the links above! 

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