Momma Bear 
  Baby Shower Ideas Games and Printables! 

Momma Bear Baby Shower Ideas Games and Printables!

For our party we chose to use pretty pastels and lots of different colors and patterns to make our theme a little more spring-ish. Although our game ideas would work with either theme! Check them out below!

Why a Momma Bear Baby Shower you ask? Well Momma Bear is an endearing term used for a mother who acts as a mother bear would by being loving, attentive, protective, powerful and strong. She loves her family as no other could! Which brings us to our Momma Bear Baby Shower games and theme! Isn't she adorable? Whether rustic or pretty this theme can take on may different styles! It's also perfect to show how strong a mother's love really can be! 

Momma Bear Baby Shower Games

Oh Bear!

 Oh Bear! Who's the fastest of them all? 


Objective: Who is the fastest baby wrangler.. diaper changer of them all?!

Items Needed: You will need at least two bears both around the size of a baby, diapers, wipes, onesie, socks, pants, and shirt. To make things a little harder a jacket and shoes could be added as well or even have the challengers wear mittens while they try to get their little cub ready!

Game Play: Toss all the items gathered above into a pile, one item per each "station". Each guest then takes turns getting their cub ready. The one with their little cub fully dressed and not missing any items with the fastest time wins!

Gone Fishing! 

After all a bears got to eat! 


Gone Fishing a baby shower game!

Objective: Guess how many fish! 

Items Needed: You may use any type of fish for this game that you like. However, you will need to know the count and that they will fit in the jar that you purchase for the game. For example goldfish crackers, or gummy (swedish) fish. The smaller the fish the harder it will be for your guest to guess the amount. You will also need two jars (a glass fishbowl would work great!), pen and paper. 

Game Play: Have the jar with the counted fish set out where guests may view it. As the party moves along give your guests a chance to guess the amount of fish the jar holds by writing the number and their name on a piece of paper. Towards the end of the party check the papers for the winner. The one closest to the actual amount of fish wins. 

A "Bear"ry of a Time!

Ha! Get it? "Bear"ry = Berry!


Objective: Who can help Momma Bear feed her baby cubs? 

Items Needed: For this game you will need berries. Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, or raspberries... doesnt matter just which ever you would like to use. Spoons for each player, one bowl for the berries, and a bowl for each team. 


 Game Play: Separate guests into teams, at least 4+ guests per each team. Each player will be given a spoon to use. The Momma Bear will stand on one side of the room near her bowl of berries, while the teams line up single file on the other side of the room. The second person in line for each team will hold their team bowl while the first player will run to Momma to get a berry and rush back to drop the berry in the bowl. The catch? The player going to get the berry must hold the spoon in their mouth by the handle! The berry also must not fall off at any time on their walk back to their team. If the berry was to fall the player must go see Momma Bear again to get another berry. Once they have successfully made it back to their teammate and dropped their berry into the bowl the person with the bowl then passes it back to the next in line and takes their turn getting the berry from Momma Bear. 

The winner may be established by using a timer and the team with the most berries as the timer sounds wins. Or the first team to have all of their members get a berry back to their home wins!

Baby Shower Game Printable's!

We have created these fun game sets to match our Momma Bear Baby Shower theme!  Choose between Momma Bear Baby Shower Game Version 01 or Version 02!

Momma Bear
Baby Shower Game set 01!

The Momma Bear Baby Shower Games Set 01 includes the following games: 

  • Bingo
  • Celebrity Baby Name & Answer Key
  • Wishes for Baby
  • Baby Animals & Answer Key
  • What's in Your Purse

Momma Bear
Baby Shower Game set 02!

The Momma Bear Baby Shower Game Set 02 includes the following FUN games: 

  • Nursery Rhyme Fill-In & Answer Key
  • The Price i$ Right
  • Baby Shower Around the World & Answer Key
  • Predictions
  • Baby Name Race

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