Most Common Problems with Printable's

Below you will find a list of some of the most common problems and solutions that some of our readers have run across when editing party printables for the first time. Please look for your specific problem and try the solutions provided! Thanks! 

Please note: We are always happy to answer questions but cannot provide technical support for your computer or software. We are after all graphic designers not computer techs. You will need to have working knowledge of your computer and at least some knowledge of the software needed for editing the printable files.

Google and Youtube are great resources for troubleshooting/learning how to work your software/computer.  

I don't have Adobe Reader.. now what? 

It's FREE!

Download it. Our files will NOT work if you do not have it! 

Error Code when attempting to open in Adobe Reader

The files are still zipped

  • To help keep download/upload times to a minimum or to be able to email files to customers we compress them in zip folders. Zip folders MUST be unzipped before files can be opened. Please, unzip the files and then try again.

Unsure how to unzip files on your computer? We do suggest doing a quick online search of your computer and software as each is different and we are only familiar with a few. As we are graphic designers and not computer experts! =) 

Anti Virus is blocking the files:

This problems seems to be most common when customers are trying to open files on a work computer. If this is the case we do suggest waiting until on a personal computer as sometime even the solution below does not get past the anti-virus software or security that workplaces have installed. 

  • Move files from download folder to desktop or another folder that may be easily reached. 

Files were opened in another PDF editing software other than Adobe Reader before attempting to open in Adobe Reader: 

  • To fix this issues you will need to delete the files, empty your computers trash, redownload the files and then launch Adobe Reader (need the latest FREE version of Adobe Reader? find it here ) and choose File>Open>File you would like to edit. 

HELP! My font is changing!

Were font files included in the files/folders?

  • Yes? Then font will need to be installed BEFORE attempting to edit printable files. Please delete the files, empty your computers trash, redownload files and then try again with installing font before opening file. 
  • No? Then the files were most likely opened or still open in another editing software other than the required Adobe Reader before trying to open in Adobe Reader. Please delete the files, empty your computers trash, redownload the files and then try again with ONLY opening in Adobe Reader. 

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